Why am I in need of a Second Session for Hair Transplantation?

First of all, it is the state of donor capacity in the second sessions that should not be forgotten.
If your donor capacity is not suitable, do not start 2nd session. In generally, around maximum 2500-3500 grafts can be found in the second sessions. 
Since you will get the best results at the end of the 2nd year, it is useful to wait at least 2 years. But people are often impatient and do not care much in clinics. The second sessions are held frequently at the end of the first year. (Our recommendation is to wait for the 2nd year, but in the 1st year, we have become the patient for which we have performed the 2nd operation.)

Why am I in need of a Second Session for Hair Transplantation?

  1.  Your hair transplant results were good but not too dense.

  2.  There are areas that need to be fixed.

  3.  Especially the crown area need to be.

  4.  Your results aren’t what you expected.

  5.  You have baldness in some areas also.

  6.  Sometimes you may need it. From time to time, 100% bald areas are closed in one session, but there is no very dense hair. Don’t be afraid to have a second session.

  7. Not following the rules set after your hair transplant

  8. The front hairline isn’t looking natural


Do not do 2nd-3rd session:

If your donor area is weak, thin and unsuitable. If the Scalp circulatory system is insufficient, the transplanted hair follicles cannot be fed well from the veins and the transplanted hair will never come out efficiently. Finasteride 1mg, Minoxidil forte spray (for crown area only) etc. available. If there are patch-style openings in your donor area, never make a second session.

In addition, hair is not implantation in the donor area! Hair is extraction from the donor areas only for transplantation.



May 2020

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