Very Dense Hair from Hair Istanbul Clinic

High Graft Operation  is a serious challenge. We need about 12 hours to complete the operation in 1 day. High grafts cannot be possible for all patients. The donor area should be wonderful so that high graft operation can be performed. If you have a weak donor area, you will have very rare hair in the form of a patch on the back and sides of the head. But you should remember that you always need to grow your hair in the donor area.

An article by Aman Dua and Kapil Dua reveals that hair transplant procedures are not recommended for patients suffering from spot baldness, patients with insufficient hair at the donor site (the back of the head and sides of head)  or female patients suffering from diffuse pattern balding, as this condition tends to affect the donor area as well, making hair follicles unusable.Operation in an inadequate donor site results in a patch-like donor site outcome.

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