Hair Transplant Istanbul

We are pleased to tell you that we have achieved better results than the DHI technique in hair transplantation results made with Safir Fue Technique. Our happy patients who have 1-2 operations per day are increasing.

Turkey Hair Transplant

Which Clinic is Best hair transplant in Turkey?

Hair Transplant Turkey Cost

2500 USD to 4000 USD

It depends for hair grafts. (1-3 USD Per Graft)

Hair Transplant Turkey Reviews

Our Vision

Dr.Erkam CAYMAZ doing your hair transplant operation. 

Hair Transplant Turkey Cost is changing for hair grafts. Lots of clinic saying we are finding maximum grafts it is really amateur option. Professional clinics can provide information on how many grafts are to be transplanted. Temporary hair transplantation is a region that most clinics cannot or do not want to do. 

hair transplant turkey

Which Areas are Important?

We do the temple hair transplantation by giving the lateral angles of the sapphire pen. All areas of baldness are important. Temples, front and Crown areas of a hair transplantation are an extremely important process. Crown area result will form later don’t forget that.

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