dr.erkam caymaz
The adult male head has an average of 40,000 graft (80-100,000 hairs). Normally, there is an average of 60-70 graft (120-140 hairs) in 1 cm2. It is sufficient to plant a minimum of 40 graft (80 hairs) in 1 cm2 of hair transplantation. If the hair is long and thick, the human eye will see...
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dr. erkam caymaz hair line process with laser
How should a beautiful hairline be? 2 stages are very important in hair transplantation. 1) Front hairline 2) Opening of hair channels (Angle,Direction) How should male and female front hair transplantation be done? How many degrees should the channels be opened? Hairline design is key for a natural looking appearance. The hairline looks clear on...
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SAPPHIRE FUE Micro Folliculer Unit Extraction The maximum number of grafts (The Price Changing) with the FUE method WITH STEM CELL PRP Shampoos and foam Free consultation and washing after surgery All necessary medications 24/7 support Choose Plan DHI CHOI PEN Direct Hair Implant The maximum number of grafts (The Price Changing) with the DHI...
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