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The latest technological advances and investments have made hair transplantation more handy. Thus, the demand for hair implants has grown remarkably in recent years. However, cost estimates and online comparisons make it difficult to get a clear overview of prices around the world. And the first question of all is the cost!The latest technological advances...
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We are happy to help you before your arrival to Istanbul, during the operation till you achieve the desired result. ALL-INCLUSIVE PACKAGES STARTING FROM : Changing (Visit Price Table Please)  What does the price include? Airport, hospital and hotel transfers in Istanbul (flight not included). The operation Medical Park Hospital (Gaziosmanpaşa) or Pendik Medical Park. Which...
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Is it possible to have a sexual relationship after hair transplantation surgery? The short answer for this question is Yes. You can have your sexual relationship 5 days after the hair transplant surgery because all nutriments taken after the procedure must be directed to healing the wounded areas in the head. After the 5th day,...
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