Questions and Answers About Hair Transplant

Is it possible to have a sexual relationship after hair transplantation surgery?

The short answer for this question is Yes. You can have your sexual relationship 5 days after the hair transplant surgery because all nutriments taken after the procedure must be directed to healing the wounded areas in the head. After the 5th day, the hair bulbs are stabilized and having sex won’t affect them and make them fall. Just avoid directly touching, scratching or hitting the transplanted hair. Also, warn your partner not to touch the planted area.

Is Finasteride important after the hair transplantation?

Finasteride is an oral drug for male and female hair loss. In anyways, if the medication is stopped the hair loss will continue. The adverse effects of Finasteride are: bigger chances of developing prostate cancer, erectile dysfunction and decreased libido. It is not important to keep taking Finasteride after hair transplant, because the transplanted hair is not affected by dihydro-testosterone hormone which causes hair loss, for the planted bulbs are taken from the back of head which are resistant to this hormone. You can discuss this with your doctor in case he prescribes this drug after the procedure.

Is the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) hair transplant technique good for men of African origin?

The FUE technique is possible in African hair cases. The hair bulbs may have a different direction under the skin, but using the technique by a skilled and professional doctor may allow taking the bulbs out without need of cutting. The extraction of first bulbs can give enough information about how the rest is put. The doctor may use a bigger needle if the bulbs are very sinuous, still you can have very good results.

Can hair transplant give the same normal hair thickness?

Before having the procedure, you may wonder: will I regain all my head hair after transplanting?In fact, you can’t have all your hair back through hair transplantation. You have to know that this surgery is like redistribution of your own hair from one place to another, so you don’t get a new hair. Hair transplant can give you aesthetic Improvement but it stays incomplete.

Let us say that you can regain 35% of your original hair thickness in one session. After that you can have hair thickening treatment if your donor area has enough hair bulbs. This procedure (hair thickening) has some limits, for example: what is the size of the donor area? how many hair bulbs it has? when hair bulbs are put close to each other, we call it (hair thickening).

If your baldness is at stage 6 according to the Norwood-Hamilton scale and you want to regain your original hair thickness which is 200 hair/cm², from where will the transplanted hair come from? You have only limited number of hair bulbs in your donor area, and the doctor must evaluate the case to have the best result out of the few transplanted bulbs you have. Unless there is cloning, hair transplant with unlimited number of bulbs will stay impossible.In case you have stage 3 baldness on Norwood scale, you can have the original thickness you want, but after many procedures.

After having the FUE hair transplant technique, will the donor area grow hair again?

With the follicle unit extraction, when bulbs are extracted they will disappear in the donor area and never grow again. Any way, if you have thick hair in the donor area, you won’t notice the blank spaces specially if the FUE technique was done by professionals.

When will hair thickness appears after the hair transplant?

After the hair transplant, the planted bulbs will stay in resting stage for 2-5 months. When hairs grow again they will look thinner, but their diameter will grow bigger by 6 months’ time. Final results are expected to be seen approximately after 1 year.

Will all the hair bulbs transplanted by the FUE technique grow hair?

In other way, how many of the transplanted bulbs will stay alive?the percentage of the transplanted bulbs that will stay alive depends on many factors:

1- The doctor’s experience.

2- The experience of medical team that will help planting the bulbs.

3- The bulbs temperature when they are out of your body

4- The bulbs humidity when they are out of your body

5- The solution that the bulbs will be kept in.

6- How will the bulbs be treated when they are outside your body

7- How much will the bulbs stay out of your body?

Clearly there are so many factors that interfere to precise the percentage of bulbs survival. Hair transplant surgeries are not the same just as doctors are not the same. It is better to discuss your doctor and ask him how to have the largest number possible of unharmed bulbs. Usually, hair goes on growth cycles, and after transplanting it will continue it after 3 months, depending on the phase it stopped at and will go on till 18 months.

If al the hair transplant steps were done right by a professional and skilled doctor, it is possible to have a higher growth rate. If the doctor is not specialized or the procedure was done wrong it can lower alive bulb number. That is why, it is very important to look for the best hair transplant center that offers the best-experienced doctors and medical teams.

Is Hair Transplantation Suggested for summer?

Hair transplant surgery can be planned regardless of the season. Issues you should be careful about after hair transplant surgery, which you can have easily both in winter and summer, are closely linked to your social life mostly.

It is sufficient to stay away from sunlight and swimming for only 10 days if you have hair transplantation in summer.

After hair transplant operations in winter, you are advised not to wear hats to protect yourself from cold.

The perfect time for hair transplant is the time patient feels himself ready for the procedure and he can take care of himself away from busy work schedule and stress. (For example, summer holiday).


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