Scalp Spray Single It is a formula developed by combining vegetable oils specially developed for hair transplantation. Helps stimulate the roots by absorbing the scalp. Helps repair hair damage caused by external factors. Supports new hair growth. Content Jojoba oil ( Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil ) Argon oil Avocado yağı (Persea Gratissima Oil) Black seed...
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Hairstanbul Vitamin Package from Greft Plus * After hair transplantation, it provides stimulation of the hair follicles and hair follicles which are planted with specially developed formula. * DHT (Dihidrotestosterone) with herbal content prevents the formation of hair loss and helps the formation of new hair.   CONTENTS: Method of administration and daily dosage: In...
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Hair Transplant Set Content;  1 piece 150 ml hair care shampoo. 150 ml hair care lotion. To be visible to both Does not contain perfume or allergen. Usage : Hair care lotion 15 cm from the receiving and planting areas are squeezed enough for 10 minutes. Pour a small amount of hair care shampoo into...
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Everyday Shampoo * Herbal formula specially developed for hair transplanted after hair transplantation helps your hair follicles to grow fast and strong by providing hair follicles. * Helps nourish and protect existing hair follicles. * Stimulates your hair bottoms, accelerates blood circulation and helps your hair better nutrition. Usage : After pouring some shampoo into...
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hair transplant care set
Box contents 4 grafts plus anti-spill shampoo (220 ml) 4 grafts plus hair vitamins (90 tablets) 4 vitamin complexes (10 cc) 1 skin repair cream (100 ml) Graft Plus Anti-Spill Shampoo With herbal formula specially developed for hair transplanted after hair transplantation, it helps your hair follicles to grow fast and strong. Helps nourish and...
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