SAPPHIRE FUE Micro Folliculer Unit Extraction The maximum number of grafts (The Price Changing) with the FUE method WITH STEM CELL PRP Shampoos and foam Free consultation and washing after surgery All necessary medications 24/7 support Choose Plan DHI CHOI PEN Direct Hair Implant The maximum number of grafts (The Price Changing) with the DHI...
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The latest technological advances and investments have made hair transplantation more handy. Thus, the demand for hair implants has grown remarkably in recent years. However, cost estimates and online comparisons make it difficult to get a clear overview of prices around the world. And the first question of all is the cost!The latest technological advances...
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How Turkey became the top hair transplant destination for the USA and European peoples? Turkey has become the leading country for hair transplant operations, especially for the USA and European peoples. In 2017 alone,  the size of the Hair Transplant industry reached $2 billion in Turkey. There are a lot of people pouring to Turkey from all over...
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We are happy to help you before your arrival to Istanbul, during the operation till you achieve the desired result. ALL-INCLUSIVE PACKAGES STARTING FROM : Changing (Visit Price Table Please)  What does the price include? Airport, clinic and hotel transfers in Istanbul (flight not included). The operation Modern Clinic .We will take a accommodation lux Hotel...
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