Operation Process with Video Consultation – Dr.Erkam CAYMAZ

Operation process is very important you can watch this video.

Operation consists of three steps.
1 – Extraction Grafts from donor area
2 – Opening micro-channels with Sapphire Blade
3 – Implanting grafts into newly opened micro-channels

Most important step is the second step (Opening micro channels process) Our Doctor will open your micro-channels directly with a sapphire blade. For other steps(Step 1 and Step 3) Our team of nurses will perform these steps. Here teamwork is required because one man can not do every step.
But during all operation times Our Doctor will supervise the operation. Do not worry about that.
We do 1-2 operations Per day! It’s really important that there are clinics that do a lot of hair transplantation a day, at least between 5-10, so it’s impossible for them to operate and deal with the real Doctor.

An article by Aman Dua and Kapil Dua reveals that hair transplant procedures are not recommended for patients suffering from spot baldness, patients with insufficient hair at the donor site (the back of the head and sides of head)  or female patients suffering from diffuse pattern balding, as this condition tends to affect the donor area as well, making hair follicles unusable.Operation in an inadequate donor site results in a patch-like donor site outcome.

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