How Much Does it Take for the Hairs to Grow on the Donor Areas?

One of the questions most wondered by the patients who will have a hair transplantation is that how much it will take for the hairs to grow on the donor areas. The person having a hair transplantation wants to have their new appearance as soon as possible. So, when do the transplanted hairs grow? The transplanted hairs start growing immediately with the completion of the healing process after the hair transplantation, but the native appearance desired is obtained almost in one year. This process varies from one patient to another, and it is possible to shorten this process according to the structure of the hair and environmental impacts. We can summarize the process in question as wound healing, starting of follicles to feed, and shock loss. After that, new hairs start to grow, which we call it “new-born” hair process, and then these hairs get used to their native growth cycle. Finally, the hairs get thicker and stronger.

Hairs to grow on the donor area

Growth period of the hairs following the hair transplantation varies according to the person and even the gender of the person. According to the researches, hair growth speed after the hair transplantation is slower in men compared to women. 99% of the hairs fall after the hair transplantation and remaining 1% continues to grow. This may vary according to the person.

There is no special process that can be applied for accelerating the growth of the hairs coming out in the donor area. The persons continue with their normal life. The first hairs after the transplantation process grow as thin and feather-like hairs, but the hairs get stronger as they are cut and become thicker by time. If the method is used correctly at the hair transplantation and the person complies with the given instructions after the procedure, then there is no such thing that the hairs would not grow. As we mentioned above, the hairs complete their growth period generally in one year.

Patient really wonder about that. 1-2 years normally.

Another thing we should analyze in order to give a complete answer to the question “how long would it take for the hairs to grow on the donor area?” is how the growth process of the hairs progresses. As we always mention, it varies from one person to another, but there are situations observed in general. We can list them as follows;

  • Hair continuously falls until the second month. This process is called shock loss. Shock loss finishes by the end of the second or fourth month and the follicles start to grow.
  • Hairs grow in the fourth month and get a shape.
  • In the eighth month and after, the hair follicles, which have entered into normal growth process, become abundant, get thicker, and start to take its natural form.
  • The curly hair syndrome, which might arise in some patient, is completely eliminated after the eighth month.
  • At the end of the twelfth month, your hairs continue to grow naturally in the normal course.
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