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Hair Transplant Turkey

Today, hair transplantation is becoming increasingly popular for both men and women. They do not need to wear wigs or use hair extension products in case of hair transplantation. Hair Istanbul is differ from a lot of cosmetic surgery clinics in Turkey offers a variety of best hair transplantation surgeon procedures.


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~0,5-1 Euro Per Graft

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Hair Implantation

Hair transplantation is a process in which the lint or bald spot is planted with hair follicles extracted from the donor area, such as legs or face. The result of this procedure will be permanent, but several sessions may be required to achieve a satisfactory result. The recovery process between each surgery session may take several months to complete and may take up to two years before seeing the final outcome of the surgery.

Who are the Best Real Hair Transplant Surgeons?

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There are many surgical options for this procedure that make hair transplantation technology very popular, especially nowadays as innovations expand. Hair Transplant Turkey offers cost-effective service to customers contrast to other countries. hairistanbul.com offers cost-effective and intended result contrast to other clinics in Turkey and has provided the best hair transplant surgeon service to more than 10,000 satisfied patients. We offer the best hair transplant surgery, doctors are unable to Dr. Erkam Caymaz accompanied by a top-quality experience first class service and treatment by internationally accredited hospitals in Istanbul, Turkey. Hair Istanbul also has a contract with Hair Istanbul with its luxurious and hygienic environment. We bring together hair transplant patients and experienced health teams. We understand the needs of patients with the benefit of hindsight and therefore approach their needs and concerns. We use different methods according to the needs of our patients.

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