Hair Transplant Set

Hair Transplant Set


1 piece 150 ml hair care shampoo.

150 ml hair care lotion.

To be visible to both

Does not contain perfume or allergen.

Usage :

Hair care lotion 15 cm from the receiving and planting areas are squeezed enough for 10 minutes.

Pour a small amount of hair care shampoo into your hands and froth with water, make contact with the touched areas with small touches (do not scrub the patched area), then purify with fresh water.

Lotion content;

 5% panthenol

* Helps renew the skin itself.

* Helps to eliminate redness and irritation of skin and accelerate healing of wounds.

* Keeps skin supple and moist.

Chitosan ( kitosan )

* Tissue damage regeneration and skin tone are also effective.

* Clinical studies have also been shown to help heal wounds much faster.

-Clinical studies are available.

-The following picture is the result of 12-day chitosan application.


* Moisturizing and softening.

* It is effective to accelerate the healing process of damaged skin.


Hair care shampoo


Vitamin E

* Accelerates blood circulation in the scalp.

* Repairs damage to hair follicles with antioxidant properties.

* Prevents hair wear and provides hair to grow in a healthy way.

Argan oil

* Moisturizes hair and scalp.

* Provides scalp oil balance.


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