We are happy to help you before your arrival to Istanbul, during the operation till you achieve the desired result.

ALL-INCLUSIVE PACKAGES STARTING FROM : Changing (Visit Price Table Please) 

What does the price include?

  • Airport, hospital and hotel transfers in Istanbul (flight not included).
  • The operation JCI Accredited Hospital.We will take a accommodation lux Hotel near hospital.
  • All necessary blood analyses before the operation in the hospital.
  • All necessary medications (Pain killers – Antibiotic – Anti swollen – Aspirin) with shampoo, lotion, exclusive cotton pillow and a hat.
  • Translator during your medical journey.
  • Medical report.

Reservation for Hair Transplantation

How can I book an appointment?

You only need to book your plane ticket at a date and time of your choice (better to be arranged to arrive Istanbul International Airport which is optimal in location near Hospital.Then send us a copy of your flight information so we  arrange to meet you at the airport as well as arranging the reservation of the operation in the hospital and the hotel reservation.


Vip Transportation, Hair Transplant Turkey

Our medical staff is always working hard to stay updated on the latest researches in hair transplant field. We ensure that all operations are done in the operation theaters which have constantly stable temperatures to save the maximum transplanted grafts from harmful effects in sterile hospital environment.

Our hair transplant operations are broadly defined by taking the grafts from the backside of the patient’s head toward over the ears, then replanting them in the balding areas.

The advantages of Sapphire FUE method

– After two weeks from the date of the operation all visible effects will disappear
– The operation will be performed under local anesthesia, not general one, so the patient can resume to daily activates directly after the procedure
– No hard surgical instruments
– Does not leave any scars or stitches on the head
– Completely painless

Details of Hair Transplant operation:

The maximum possible number of grafts by Micro FUE technique will be transplanted from the donor area in one operation which lasts about 7 hours. Approximately about 4000-6000 grafts are removed without damaging the backside of your head. We make sure to stay away from exaggerated numbers. We are efficient and timely since if the grafts stay for a long time outside of the body they might be dead.
The thick high-density donor area is important. Sometimes if the backside is weak, about 3000-3500 grafts might be transplanted.

Please note that each graft gives about 2-3 hairs, in some cases even more, which means planting 4000 grafts will result in having 10000 hairs in the desired area.

The steps involved in Hairstanbul Hair Clinic:

Start the registration process in the hospital which guarantees your rights with us

  1. Doing the necessary blood analyses and studying their results
  2. Filling forms which are important to clarify the needed medication after the operation
  3. Shaving the head and sterilizing the donor area
  4. Extracting the grafts from (takes from 2 to 2:30 hours)
  5. Opening tiny channels in the empty/balding areas (takes about 45 min)
  6. After the last step you will have a meal to relax and revitalize your body
  7. The final part is planting the grafts in the channels (about 3 hours)
  8. Using the pre-determined medicines then relaxing in the 5 stars hotel Elite World Hotel in Taksim.

When can I expect to start seeing the results?

From the date of the operation:

– After 2 weeks the new hair might fall. That is normal and there is no need for worry.
– After 3 months the new hair starts growing but with moderate results.
– After 6 months you will start seeing good results.
– After 1 year you will have the final and best desired result.


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