Good Hair Line Design in Hair Transplantation – Male&Female

dr. erkam caymaz hair line process with laser
Good Hair Line Process with Laser – Dr.Erkam CAYMAZ

Hairline design is key for a natural looking appearance.

The hairline looks clear on a persons forehead and it is a part of everyone’s hair. It is also a major part of our personality, that’s why we always look in the mirror every day.

laser hair line design hair istanbul
Dr.Erkam CAYMAZ – Front Hair Line Process

If the hairline does not look natural, then there is a bad sign of a hair transplant.

What makes it important to get a good hairline?

If you have undergone a hair transplantsurely you would not want it to be noticed. It should look natural. Any form of a hair transplant treatment can result in an unnatural look, if the surgery has been performed by inexperienced hands


  • The hair line, despite being called a “line” should not be straight. The natural hair line has peaks and valleys and is never straight. So, the newly designed hair line should also not be straight. It should have a minimal wave.

  • In the mid scalp, hair usually exits at 30° to 45° and points forward toward the nose.

  • As one reaches the frontal hairline, the angle becomes more acute at 15° to 20°, and the direction usually remains pointing forward. On occasion, hair in this area may bend slightly to the left or right.

What is the Golden ratio on our face?

face golden rate
1/3-1/3-1/3 Golden Rate on your Face – This is a Miracle!


female face golden rate

Man Hair Line Types?

male hair type

Head’s Anatomy

front temple

Woman Hair Line Types?

female hair type
Various frontal hairline in women

female hair line design

The height of the hairline can be determined in several ways:

frontal hair line 1

The central hairline can be placed typically 7-8 centimeters
(approximately 3 inches above the top of the eyebrows.)

frontal hair line

The central hairline is placed 2 fingers above the highest forehead wrinkle.

frontal hair line 2

The central hairline is placed 4 fingers above the top of the eyebrows.

New Hair Line Desing


Hairline Design before a Hair Transplant 

Something needed to be considered when designing the hair transplant:

  • Age of Patient – Design according to the age hairline should be designed as it is important and it looks more natural. As the example given above, if a 50-year-old patient having an advanced level of hair loss wants to gain the hairline as when he was 25. This will look unnatural.
  • Gender – A male hairline is different than female.
  • Hair Types – Different types of hair like thick, coarse or curly usually takes more space than any normal layout of the hairline. A patient who is having finer hairline need more hair than other people who have thick hair. So different hair types required different planning.
  • Face Shape and size–  For a surgeon, it is important to note that the design of a hairline must be on the basis of patient’s face. Even if it shows you some shapes, it is most logical for everyone to have a different hairline.
  • Hair Loss Types  – When any patient suffer from hair loss which is caused by traction alopecia then a major difference of hairline design will show. So the important thing is that surgeon consider the cause of hair loss and create a hairline design that works.
  • Hair Loss Level – The early stage of hair loss is different while comparing with an advance hairline design. In this hair density is one of the factors. If the hairline is thin that is shows in the appearance of the hair transplant. If someone has a lot of hair loss, it would be useful to stretch the hairline a little more backwards.

Remember in a Natural Looking Hairline

  • Need Planning – Surgeon only planned the hairline design.
  • No Straight Lines– Surgeon mostly avoids the straight line in the scalp as it does not look natural. So they avoid the placing hair grafts in straight. A surgeon has the ability to create a natural look and it reflects on the appearance.
  • Feathering Zone– It is the zone where a bald head and denser area show transition. Small peaks and a feathering of hairs using smaller follicular units which are placed at in the front which gives a natural appearance and the larger units are placed behind the feathering zone.


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