Daily Shampoo

Everyday Shampoo


* Herbal formula specially developed for hair transplanted after hair transplantation helps your hair follicles to grow fast and strong by providing hair follicles.

* Helps nourish and protect existing hair follicles.

* Stimulates your hair bottoms, accelerates blood circulation and helps your hair better nutrition.

Usage :

After pouring some shampoo into your hand, it is foamed on the scalp and rinsed for two minutes. Repeat twice.

In case of eye contact, wash with plenty of water.



White lupine

Organic White Lupine, rich in protein-filled extracts found in the seeds, eliminates the factors that cause hair loss. Balances excessive oil (Sebum) secretion that prevents hair from breathing.


* One of the basic vitamins needed by hair.

* Helps hair to grow healthy and control hair loss.

* In the case of lack of biotin, an increase in hair loss, deterioration of hair structure (thinning and fraying), dulling of hair color or whitening of the hair may occur.


* Keratin is the raw material of the hair.

* 97% of the hair is present as a natural protein.

* Protects and strengthens hair follicles. * Keratin substance is also present in the nails and skin and also acts as a protection function in these areas.

* Keratin (cuticle) protects the hair as the first task: all hair strands.

* Absorbs moisture in hair and prevents moisture from drying out.


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