Anatomy in the form of whorl in humans.

      Find out how a crown vertex hair transplant can take place at top hair loss restoration clinics such as Hair Istanbul – Dr.Caymaz Hair Transplant.


We are using “Lam Method” slide method with Spiral-Whorl ways some patients.

“Lam method” has been used in hair transplantation on the Vertex in recent years. In this method, vertex 6 zones are divided into spiral centers. Planting is done with 1 area of the most dense hair density area and 6 areas of the lowest hair density.

vertexMany patients want to do cover frontal and vertex area from their baldness. The top of the head is less important. We care about every area of your baldness. If you have good donor areas and good capacity then we can do an operation to fully cover your baldness.  



                    Where is the Crown Area Starting?
Os Occipitale is in Donor Areas! We are not implanting to donor areas. We only extract hair follicles from here.


    Especially planting in this way is really difficult but very important. If our doctor considers it appropriate during the case, vertex spiral hair transplantation is performed in this way. But in this natural planting, some hairless areas are formed.

    Hair transplanted to the vertex area reaches its natural form after approximately 12-24 months. In this region, the scalp is a little harder and thicker, so it is more difficult to feed the roots, and the hair follicles may grow longer. It is the crown area where the results are seen latest. (It has less blood circulation than the frontal area.)

    Approximately 1200-2000 grafts need to be planted so that it closes pretty well. 28-35/cm2 will be good density for the vertex.

Feb 2020



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