Comparison of Sapphire FUE Pen nib with DHI-Choi Pen nib used in Hair Transplantation

  • What are the aspect ratios of the pen tips used when opening a channel in hair transplantation?
  • How much space does it cover in mm2?
  • Comparison of Sapphire Fue Technique and DHI Technique 

From time to time such questions come from patients. An important issue that our patients do not know is the area occupied by the canal on the skin.


Pen width1,5 mm0,74mm – 1,14 mm
Pen length5 mm5 mm
Thickness of pen0,1 mm0,74mm – 1,14 mm
Area1,5×0,1= 0,15 mm20,74×0,74= 0,54 mm2 *

As can be seen in the table, the channels opened by sapphire fue technique are smaller in area. For us, the less space on the skin, the faster it improves.

The area of the hair transplantation channels opened by the Sapphire Fue technique is 0.15 mm2, while the hair transplantation channels opened by DHI Technique are 0.54 mm2.

DHI Choi Pen's Size
*In addition, the lowest criteria is used here. The highest criterion is 1.14 mm. Choi pens are separated by color. All are used in one operation.


Sapphire FUE Channel Size
Sapphire Blade; Pen Width :1,5 mm Pen Length : 5mm Channel Area on Scalp: 0,15 mm2


Sapphire Incisions
Image of channels opened with sapphire pen.



January 2020

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