If you have a lot of 2-3 hair in grafts, this method will give you the impression that you have more hair. This technique can be used on Norwood 5 (for crown and top of head) and above. What Are The disadvantages of Lateral Incisions with Sapphire? Lateral incisions have demonstrated advantages but there are...
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1 Graft How Much Hair Follicle?   Since there are various numbers of hair follicle in each graft extracted, it is necessary to separate them one by one.   How many hair follicle should be implanted in which area?   If you want to obtain a natural appearance, the placement of hair transplant grafts must...
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Afroamerican hair transplantation is very important. Not everyone can do it easily. The fact that the hair is curly as the root structure requires the control of experienced surgeons when extraction and implanting the hair follicles.       Dr.Erkam CAYMAZ, he is doing Afroamerican type hair transplantation also.     Both African American men...
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Dense Hair Transplantation
First of all, it is the state of donor capacity in the second sessions that should not be forgotten. If your donor capacity is not suitable, do not start 2nd session. In generally, around maximum 2500-3500 grafts can be found in the second sessions.  Since you will get the best results at the end of...
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    Hair transplantation is a very important aesthetic / cosmetic problem. Everyone wants their hair to go back to what it was before it was lost. This is something we want too. But it doesn’t apply to everyone.     It is not an event that everyone expected to have perfect results after hair...
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The adult male head has an average of 40,000 graft (80-100,000 hairs). Normally, there is an average of 60-70 graft (120-140 hairs) in 1 cm2. It is sufficient to plant a minimum of 40 graft (80 hairs) in 1 cm2 of hair transplantation. If the hair is long and thick, the human eye will see...
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Stress and genetic factors cause the fall out of the crown area. How can it be possible on the Crown – Vertex Hair Transplantation? The posterior hairline forms an important part of a hair restoration surgery.       Find out how a crown vertex hair transplant can take place at top hair loss restoration...
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dr. erkam caymaz hair line process with laser
How should a beautiful hairline be? 2 stages are very important in hair transplantation. 1) Front hairline 2) Opening of hair channels (Angle,Direction) How should male and female front hair transplantation be done? How many degrees should the channels be opened? Hairline design is key for a natural looking appearance. The hairline looks clear on...
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Sapphire Incisions
What are the aspect ratios of the pen tips used when opening a channel in hair transplantation? How much space does it cover in mm2? Comparison of Sapphire Fue Technique and DHI Technique  From time to time such questions come from patients. An important issue that our patients do not know is the area occupied...
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