Why Dense Hair Transplantation is Important? To achieve the best results in the hair transplantation sector, frequent transplantation should be performed. As a matter of principle, we like to have a natural appearance by density hair transplantation. If your donor areas are available, we can make more density transplanting for your bald areas. How many...
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During hair transplantation, the channel opening stage is very important. Opening the channel too often leads to very successful results. If 70-90 channels are opened to cm2, it will create a natural result. We can channel so often with a sapphire blade. Thanks to the magnifiers we use, we can only open such channels frequently....
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We are doing Afro American Hair Transplantation in Turkey. In these operations, both the curly hair and the roots are difficult to find, the operation requires experienced people. Who does the operation? It is necessary to give direction to the hair follicles in the channel transplantation. Afro American type baldness is black in color makes...
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HAIR TRANSPLANTATION PROCESS The hair transplantation process at HAIR ISTANBUL HAIR TRANSPLANT CENTER is summarized in the following stages:1- Extracting the grafts     At this stage, the follicles will be extracted from the back – sides of the head (called the donor area). The advantage of this area is that it is not affected by the hormone...
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High Graft Operation  is a serious challenge. We need about 12 hours to complete the operation in 1 day. High grafts cannot be possible for all patients. The donor area should be wonderful so that high graft operation can be performed. If you have a weak donor area, you will have very rare hair in...
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With the laser we draw the front hairline both symmetrically and naturally. The front hairline is one of the most important stages of the operation. This line in your life should give a very beautiful image for your face. An article by Aman Dua and Kapil Dua reveals that hair transplant procedures are not recommended...
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Hair Line Process is very important for hair transplantation. The most important stage of hair transplantation, the hair front line, will determine your future appearance. At this stage, your hair line will look both natural and symmetrical and beautiful. An article by Aman Dua and Kapil Dua reveals that hair transplant procedures are not recommended...
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