afroamerican-type-hair-transplant-hair-line Afroamerican hair transplantation is very important. Not everyone can do it easily.
The fact that the hair is curly as the root structure requires the control of experienced surgeons when extraction and implanting the hair follicles.




Dr.Erkam CAYMAZ, he is doing Afroamerican type hair transplantation also.



Both African American men and women can benefit from traditional hair transplant surgery, with a few special considerations. Dr.Caymaz using Sapphire Fue Technique for African & Caribbean & Afro-American type hair transplantation.

How much Graft Extraction?

afroamerican-type-hair-transplant afroamerican-type-hair-transplant-7-days

An important point to remember is that Dr. CAYMAZ finds it appropriate to extraction up to 3000-4000 grafts from the donor area for this type of hair. Of course, if your donor area is beautiful, so many grafts can be extracted. (We can use Beard area too)



Hair loss affects people of all different ethnicities and races , often causing significant insecurity and embarrassment due to the thinning or receding hair. Hair transplant surgery is an effective and permanent method for restoring hair growth and improving patient confidence, but many people of African or Caribbean descent are concerned about getting good results from a transplant procedure.
African Americans dealing with hair loss, and they can produce excellent results for patients with hair transplant surgery.


These are Results:



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