Afro American Hair Transplantation from Hair Istanbul

We are doing Afro American Hair Transplantation in Turkey. In these operations, both the curly hair and the roots are difficult to find, the operation requires experienced people.

Who does the operation?

It is necessary to give direction to the hair follicles in the channel transplantation. Afro American type baldness is black in color makes it difficult to find hair and channels. Experienced surgeons must do the operation for the best results.

Afro American Hair Transplantation, Dr.Erkam CAYMAZ-Sapphire FUE

How Much Time it Takes?

The operation time is extended to approximately 8-12 hours. It is important to note that the number of grafts and the time will increase.

If you prefer us, the operation will be performed by experienced surgeons.

Afro American Hair Transplantation Laser Hair Line

We are using Laser for Hair Line.

Afro American Hair Transplantation with Doctor Erkam CAYMAZ

Happy Patient with Our Surgeons.

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