July 19, 2019
A once in a lifetime Hair Transplantation procedure and then, after the healing process, all the balding parts and receding hairlines are covered with a high density of hair. That is what all our patients expect. That is what you expect too, are you not? And that is very understandable. Unfortunately, reality shows that this...
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Another demand increasing recently is the beard transplantation, which is facial version of hair transplantation. As beard is a symbol for men, its absence or loss may cause psychological problems. Inclusion of advanced technology to the beard transplantation procedures performed for those who experience this problem native increases the demand for such applications. Beard transplantation...
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One of the questions most wondered by the patients who will have a hair transplantation is that how much it will take for the hairs to grow on the donor areas. The person having a hair transplantation wants to have their new appearance as soon as possible. So, when do the transplanted hairs grow? The...
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