1 cm2 At least how many grafts should be planted?

The adult male head has an average of 40,000 graft (80-100,000 hairs). Normally, there is anDense Hair Transplantation average of 60-70 graft (120-140 hairs) in 1 cm2. It is sufficient to plant a minimum of 40 graft (80 hairs) in 1 cm2 of hair transplantation. If the hair is long and thick, the human eye will see 40% hair density the same as 100% hair density.


In other words, a minimum of 40-60 grafts of cm2 should be placed so that a natural appearance is formed. If your donor capacity is enough to close your baldness, we make a plantation in this way. What is important here is neither excessive hair transplantation nor less hair transplantation. The two complications we don’t want most are necrosis and taking over harvesting. Dr. Caymaz, who thinks and knows this business, strives for the best performance.


Hair Transplant Istanbul

It is planted in cm2 at 80-90 grafts, but its nutrition will be decreased by both blood circulation. While it is possible to plant more hairless areas, it cannot be transplanted. Therefore, you can submit yourself to Doctor Caymaz for a homogeneous hair transplantation and a natural look. Dr. Erkam considers all these stages during the operation and plans your operation accordingly. There are two areas where people care the most, the first is the frontal area and the second is the vertex region. Dr. Caymaz increases the frequency in the frontal area up to 60 grafts in cm2. It plans around a minimum of 40 grafts in the Vertex area. Of course, you should not forget that your donor capacity should be convenient. In this way, a plantation of around 2500-3000 in the frontal area and around 1500-2000 in the vertex area gives beautiful natural result. It should not be forgotten that these plantings can vary from person to person.


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